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Welcome to Grey Beard’s Driver Improvement School. Are you driving distracted? Is there a new teen driver in the family? Get a traffic infraction and need to satisfy court requirements? Seniors, want lower insurance rates? Are you a business with fleet vehicles and want to know more about how our safe driving classes will assure that your employees drive safely? We can help!

Browse our website to learn more and to sign up for a driver improvement class. Still have questions? Contact us with your questions and we will get back to you with answers.

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Our Driver Improvement Training Classes

Our driver improvement training classes will satisfy court requirements, add 5+ points to your driving record, and can even lower your insurance rates. What are you waiting for? Book your driver improvement class today! All our classes are offered in a comfortable classroom setting for your convenience and to minimize any external learning distractions. Business owners, for your convenience, we also offer classes at your job site. Our classes are fun, so you won’t be bored and that makes the information easy to retain.

Our typical clients range from parents seeking a proactive approach to safe driving for their new teen driver, to seniors wanting lower insurance rates. From business owners with fleet vehicles, to anyone that wants to improve their driving skills, Grey Beard’s Driver Improvement School can help!

Grey Beard’s Driver Improvement School of Chesapeake, Virginia, is your best pick for a local, professional driver improvement school. We offer our driving improvement classes to drivers from the cities of Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk and throughout other areas of Hampton Roads, Virginia.

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Changing The Way You Think About Driver Improvement


To be a good driver, one must have knowledge of the road and highway rules and regulations. Do you know and obey the highway codes?


Having the right attitude of patience for changing road conditions, and respecting others on the road, is crucial to being a good driver.


To drive safely, concentration is necessary to keep your mind on what you are doing. If you are not concentrating on your driving, who is?


When you drive a vehicle, you are responsible to control that vehicle properly. To be a good driver, you must drive responsibly at all times.


What makes a successful driver? To be a good driver, one must possess the proper levels of knowledge, patience and responsibility.

Some Reviews From Our Driver Improvement Class Students

I took this class as a volunteer to get five extra points on my record after two tickets and an accident. This class is worth every penny and minute. The instructor, Mr. Hinton, knows what he is talking about, has experience, and has a passion for this subject. He teaches you the laws and even explains big court cases relating to being a driver. This driving class was not a boring college lecture type class. It was more of an engaging presentation that helps build your confidence as a driver. Still not convinced, the school has a mini fridge of pop and water, a Keurig coffee maker, and snacks. This school is like flying first class compared to other driving schools that feel like you’re sitting in the back of the plane by the bathroom. Long story short, whatever reason you are looking for a driver improvement class, this is the best choice.
Andy Wilson

I originally signed up for this class thinking I was going to be bored out of my mind all day, just watch videos for the whole eight hours and have a test at the end. This wasn’t the case at Grey Beard’s. Donnie was a great instructor who not only made the class interesting and funny but also made the class an amazing learning environment. He was very knowledgeable about driving safety and also mixed in some personal experiences. I highly recommend Grey Beard’s for driver improvement, whether it’s voluntary or court ordered. Keep up the amazing work, Donnie!

Jacob Bastian
Grey Beard’s Driver Improvement School was wonderful! The midweek one-day course was perfect for my schedule! Donnie is a fantastic, informative and patient instructor. The modules were proportioned well and in perfect order, so as to not lose interest. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to not only improve their driving record, but to also be informed of the most current driving information.
Kandice Dean

I attended the AAA Driver Improvement Program at Grey Beard’s, a week or so ago, and I must say… WOW! Donnie has such a way with words. There was open friendly conversation, a generous flow of laughter, and best of all, tons of useful, well explained, safe driving tips! I have never had information stick so fast and to actually be able to use what I had learned right away. Having a fun, relaxed and accepting atmosphere really does make a huge difference. Thank you for having me in your class and being so awesome, Donnie!

Shayla Murphy